At Metro we’ve been writing our own children's curriculum and lessons for many years now.  Some of Pastor Bill’s original curriculum sets, Stereo Boombox, Power Toolbox and the Train Depot, were published in the 80’s and 90’s, and became popular for their easy to understand format, clear communication style, engaging Bible Lessons, creative object lessons and unique illustrated stories.  

Transformation Station

Over the years Metro has continued to produce engaging curriculum geared toward children aged 3-12 years old.  We currently have 3 full years of our most recent curriculum entitled Transformation Station available for purchase.  Each year of Transformation Station comes complete with 52 weeks worth of lessons, including a printable lesson for teachers and a colorful pre-made Powerpoint Presentation.     

Metro’s principle-based lessons are straightforward and easy to understand both for kids and teachers alike, making Transformation Station an ideal choice for teachers who might not have a lot of preparation time on their hands or even a large team to rely on. 

Also, depending on your needs, Transformation Station can be used on a weekly basis in a kids church setting, or you can pick and choose specific lessons that will work exceptionally well for community outreach or other special events that you might be doing.